Fluid workforce continued in 2013

Therese Dunphy

January 2, 2014


While many workers in the United States aggregates industry have worked for only one or two companies, the market continued to experience a fair amount of volatility throughout 2013.

According to the 2013-14 Aggregates Manager Forecast Survey, fewer than one in two operators reported having the same size of workforce in 2013 as compared to 2012.

On the up side, the percentage of operators reporting an increase in workforce (28.6 percent) slightly edged out the percentage who said they have a smaller workforce (25.7 percent). Those numbers compare positively with results from the 2012-13 forecast, which had more operators reporting decreases in staff (27.7 percent) than increases (23.8 percent).

In 2013, the biggest gains were seen among hourly operators (23.8 percent), equipment operators (21.0 percent), and service and maintenance personnel (18.1 percent). On the flip side, 21.9 percent of operators said they decreased the number of hourly laborers, followed by a tie between mine engineers and service and maintenance personnel, with 15.2-percent decreases in staffing among those categories.

For more information about 2013 results and 2014 business predictions, see the January print edition of Aggregates Manager.

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