Follow these best practices for safe work zones

March 21, 2014


With the busy spring season upon us, it’s important to brush up on ways to improve jobsite safety.

One way to do so is to ensure everyone is doing their part to keep work zones safe.

Follow these best practices for safe work zones:

  • Recognize patterns in operating systems, including haulage routes, loader cyles and reach of draglines and shovels.

  • Define work zone boundaries around plants and equipment, including failed systems such as material spillage. Pay close attention to work zones that intersect and overlap.

  • Keep track of others in your work zone. Let them know where you are.

  • Establish eye contact with other workers before entering a work zone.

  • Alway establish two-way communication when it’s necessary to enter a work zone. Do not enter another worker’s zone until he or she has acknowledged your presence.

  • When leaving another worker’s zone, let them know.

  • Designate areas where it is prohibited to use cell phones and other communication devices unless the communication is necessary to perform the work.

  • If practical stablish designated pedestrian routes through work sites. Use signs to indicate those routes.

Best practices were compiled by Therese Dunphy as part of “Safety Watch” in the October 2012 print issue of Aggregates Manager. This information is meant for general information purposes only.

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