Follow these best practices to improve worker safety around conveyor belts

November 5, 2013


Safety should always be a top priority on the jobsite. However, sometimes safety measures are forgotten or overlooked.

It’s important to constantly take note of the things that can be done to improve jobsite safety.

According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), 38 percent of metal/nonmetal fatalities in 2012 involved powered haulage, which includes mobile equipment and conveyor belts.

Conveyor fatalities and injuries can be prevented when workers take the proper steps to ensure their safety.

Follow these best practices to maintain optimal worker safety:

  • Stop, look, analyze and manage (SLAM) each task.

  • Keep all guards securely in place except when testing or making adjustments which cannot be performed without the removal of the guard.

  • Align conveyor belts from a safe location where the moving parts can’t grab you.

  • Clean up excessive spillage before repairing a conveyor belt.

Best practices were compiled by Therese Dunphy as part of “Safety Watch” in the October 2013 print issue of Aggregates Manager.

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