May 21, 2008

Fontaine Trailer®, the recognized technology leader and innovator in the flatbed trailer industry, is offering a new lowbed trailer-the Renegade LXL. “Construction equipment is getting larger and larger to give operators the power they need to be more productive. As a result, a few inches in trailer deck height can mean the difference between clearing a bridge to get to the job site… or not. That”s why we developed the Renegade LXL with the lowest standard deck height in the industry,” explained John Craig, president of Fontaine Trailer.

The extra inches that this trailer provides end-users is key. Typicla lowbed deck height is around 20 inches with six inches of ground clearance. The Renegade LXL boasts an amazing 14-inch deck height with five inches of ground clearance. In addition, the trailer is loaded with standard features that are considered options on many other trailers such as: 100 KSI minimum yield steel main beam flanges with 50,000 lb webs, fifth wheel guide rollers on the gooseneck, aluminum fenders at the rear of the gooseneck, 28 bent D-Ring lash rings, flag holders, stainless steel bumper insert, stainless steel Renegade logo panels, seven LED marker lights per side, nine LED lights on the rear, rubber dock bumpers, and much more.

Fontaine Trailer Company produces a complete line of aluminum, steel and composite trailers for the flatbed, dropdeck and lowbed markets. Manufacturing facilities are located in Haleyville, Jasper and Springville, Alabama; Kent, Ohio; and Princton, Kentucy. For more information contact Toby Harris, Fontaine Trailer Compan, 430 Letson Road, Haleyville, Alabama 35565. 800-821-6535, fax 205-486-8985, or

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