Four workers survive getting buried alive at sand and gravel plant

Brian Ethridge

August 14, 2014

switching_hoppersFour New Yorkers are very lucky to be alive today after almost getting buried alive at a sand and gravel operation.

Richard Miller, 61, was working with three other men around 10:45 a.m. at Frontier Sand & Gravel when he got trapped inside a hopper full of sand. Miller was trying to use a shovel to loosen up a blockage, but sank to an opening in the bottom of the hopper that leads to a conveyor belt. Completely covered in sand, Miller was nearly buried alive.

Three co-workers trying to rescue Miller also found themselves trapped inside the hopper.

Thanks to the help of firefighters, all four men were eventually freed. Luckily no serious injuries were suffered. All four men had minor injuries treated at the scene and were able to sleep in their own beds at the end of the day.

With mining fatalities on the rise, these men were lucky to survive with just minor injuries.  Recently a truck driver was killed at a mine when he didn’t follow protocol, and a plant manager drowned after being electrocuted.

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