Fun at Fertile quarry

Brian Ethridge

August 8, 2014

2913297151_53fc6908cc_zWho’s excited for Fertile Days 2014!? The event, which will take place on Saturday, August 9, will feature a ton of events including a rock hunts, kids activities and informative tours at BMC Aggregates’ Fertile quarry.

“Our goal is to get people acquainted with geology,” said Sherman Lundy of BMC Aggregates. “This is the first time we will ever have a program in Fertile.”

Other activities – obviously for the enjoyment of kids – will include painting trilobite fossils and finding a pet rock

There will also be a kiddie pedal tractor pull, a “Do the Putsey” walk and run, a parade and an adult bean bag tournament.

The night will end with hay rides for everyone.

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