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Therese Dunphy

December 5, 2013

Tower Rock cat 988

Equipment at Tower Rock Stone Co.’s quarry in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, goes the distance. On any given day, four primary crushers, fed by up to 17 different ledges, create the site’s more than 130 different products.

Despite the heavy production load, the site is renowned for the longevity of its machines. It has wheel loaders dating back to Cat’s B series loaders and has one wheel loader with 154,000 hours on it.

To keep the machines so well maintained, Tower Rock uses several strategies:

  • The same driver operates a piece of equipment on a daily basis. As a two-shift operation, that means only two drivers regularly operate any piece of equipment.

  • Between shifts, a 45-minute break allows the loader to be inspected and greased on a daily basis.

  • Every 250 hours, the oil is changed.

  • Every 4,000 hours, equipment goes through a thorough inspection.

“We don’t play musical chairs,” says Ronnie Inman, general manager, “And, we religiously change oil every 250 hours on 70-some units.”

Caterpillar does field follows on new machines at the site, and Tower Rock has logged about 4,700 hours on Cat’s Tier 4 Final 988K wheel loader.

Watch the loader in action in the video below.

[youtube bEeFXjpMpvo nolink]

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