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April 6, 2011

An important part of safety for any heavy equipment operator is machine inspection. Every operator must conduct a machine walkaround before the day’s operations can begin. Now there is simulation software available to train heavy equipment operators on how to conduct a pre-operation walkaround inspection.

Simforotion LLC, a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions, has created a series stand-alone training modules to teach operators how to conduct a pre-operation machine inspection to ensure proper operating condition. The objective of the lesson is to learn the machine parts and components and be able to competently identify any faults within the machine before beginning operations.

How It Works

A simulated version of a machine is featured on-screen. Different areas of the machine are focused on one area at a time. A list of items is randomly generated each time the module is entered. The user passes the mouse over the inspection points to illuminate each point individually; and clicks on the illuminated inspection point to zoom in on the machine and identify any faults. Or the user can click the component name within the list to illuminate and zoom in on the inspection point. The user must correctly identify the inspection points as good or faulty. The exercise will end and a detail report will appear showing the user’s results after the entire machine has been inspected. The software runs on a standard PC.

Choose from the following walkarounds:

  • Small Wheel Loader
  • Track Type Tractor
  • Wheel Tractor-Scraper

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