Goulds XHD Extra Heavy Duty World-Class Lined Slurry Pump


November 16, 2011

The Goulds XHD Extra Heavy Duty World-Class Lined Slurry Pump is designed for use in mining and related industries, including applications involving primary metals, mineral processing, non-metallic mining, power utilities, and sand and aggregates. The XHD pump is suited specifically for use in Hydraulic Institute Service Class III (heavy—including thickener underflow, tailings disposal, slurry transfer and dilute media) and Class IV (very heavy—including primary grinding circuits, heavy media, thickener underflow and tailings disposal).

The capacity range of the XHD pump is 2,950 cubic meters per hour, or 13,000 gallons per minute with discharge pressure to 85 meters or 280 feet.

Key benefits

Designed with a comprehensive package of features combined in a single pump, the Goulds Pumps XHD has excelled in two measures of performance that are critical for customers with processes that require moving heavy slurries.

  • High reliability, with design features in every critical area, which reduce wear and extend equipment life while pumping abrasive minerals or aggregates.
  • Easy serviceability, with a unique suction seal ring that can be adjusted while the pump is running to maintain optimal impeller clearance and a split stuffing box for packing maintenance. The XHD also includes numerous other features that make parts more accessible to perform required maintenance more quickly.

The XHD pump is also relatively easy to install, without changing piping configurations or process design. A low center-line height and the wet-end design allow the XHD pump to be adapted to the foundations of currently installed slurry pumps from ITT Goulds Pumps or other manufacturers.

Five of the pump’s standard features are patented or have patents pending, noted John Manna, vice president of global marketing for ITT Goulds Pumps.

“We asked our mining customers what they would like to see in a next-generation slurry pump, then gave it to them by combining more than 100 years of slurry-pumping experience with some innovative new technologies,” Manna said. “The XHD pump is designed to withstand the wear caused by pumping heavy-duty slurries, and to help operators get back in operation quickly when service is required. We are confident that the XHD pump will offer higher uptime and lower cost of ownership than any other slurry pump available today.”

Engineered for harsh demands

Built with double-wall construction, the XHD pump features a full metric design and a large-diameter closed impeller, which extends wear life by enabling lower RPM operation. Using the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology, ITT Goulds Pumps engineers designed the XHD pump for optimal hydraulic operation—resulting in higher efficiency, longer wear and lower power consumption. Early XHD users have reported drops in electrical consumption of 10 to 15 percent over previously installed pumps.

To meet the demands of a variety of slurry applications, users may choose from a selection of HC600 replaceable chrome iron liners that optimize their use of the XHD pump and extend its wear life. The unit’s precision-machined, compact frame contributes to accurate alignment and provides rigid, vibration-free support. Safe, simple lift points on the XHD pump enable easier component assembly and installation, and its flanges are designed to suit both ANSI and DIN metric standards.

Innovative functions and features

A number of innovative operational features combine to make the XHD pump easy and cost-effective to operate and maintain. These are some of the pump’s main design highlights:

Adjustable suction seal ring. One of the unique features that distinguishes the XHD pump is an adjustable suction seal ring, which operators can tighten—even while the pump is running—to compensate for wear and maintain optimum impeller clearance for peak performance. By maintaining proper clearance, users get longer wear life—not just for the impeller, but for the entire liquid end of the pump.

Replaceable wet end cartridge. The wet end of the XHD pump is designed as a replaceable cartridge, which allows operators to change parts more quickly and efficiently. To help the process, the XHD pump is built with a unique, tapered impeller shaft thread to aid removal, and for faster replacement of the impeller, with assurance that the shaft and bearing cartridge are properly aligned when the pump is reassembled.

Split stuffing box. The XHD pump’s open seal chamber utilizes a removable split stuffing box and gland for easier packing maintenance. Operators can choose their packing arrangement with dedicated seal water ports, and the stuffing box is designed to accommodate most mechanical seals by simply removing the split stuffing box.

i-Alert conditional monitoring. To help identify problems, XHD pumps are outfitted with i-Alert monitors that measure vibration and temperature—a standard feature on all process pumps from ITT Goulds Pumps. When an i‑Alert monitor detects that pre-set limits have been exceeded, it signals users with a blinking red LED. The light is easy to spot, especially in mining applications where direct access to pumps can be a challenge. It allows the pump operator to make changes to the process or the pump before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Heavy duty bearing cartridge. Mounted on fully protected machined rails that provide positive alignment and are easy to re-establish fit should wear occur, unlike saddle mounted bearing cartridges.

Large-diameter shaft. The shaft on the XHD pump is manufactured for low deflection and longer seal life. Pump wear also is improved through heavy-duty bearings, standard oil lubrication (a grease option is available) and Inpro™ bearing isolators.

Dual impeller adjustment. A patented dual adjustment on the power end provides easy access for operators who perform impeller corrections.


The XHD pump is available in models ranging from 80mm (3 inches) to 300mm (12 inches) discharge, and in four power frames. Metal versions are available today, and rubber liners will be available in late 2012. An expeller option will be available in mid-2012.

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