Graniterock uses grazing for grass management

May 10, 2013

goat herd
(Photo: Sharon Mollerus / Flickr)

Graniterock is implementing new and eco-friendly weed management solution for its Santa Cruz Sand Plant: goats.

The solution, known as “prescribed grazing” uses a herd of goats to cut down on non-native annual grasses on the site without the need for excessive equipment and herbicides. The goats’ grazing also enhances the area’s habitat for the endangered California Red-Legged Frog.

Before starting the project, Graniterock referred to the Grazing Handbook from the State Coastal Conservency and Sotoyome Resource Conservation District, where the company learned about the animals’ impact, the type of animal needed, grazing period and how many animals would be needed.

And Graniterock isn’t the only company using this grazing technique. It’s catching on elsewhere, like Chicago. Our sister site, Total Landscape Care, today reported that the city is using a herd of 25 goats as a landscaping method.

It’s no wonder the goats have become so popular. The method is cost-effective, produces minimum impact and relies on little to no machinery, equipment or herbicides.

A guard dog and her puppies are also on site at the Santa Cruz Sand Plant to watch the herd of goats.

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