Graphic Operator Angle Display (GOAD)


January 12, 2011

More tons at a lower cost are some of the advantages of a new Graphic Operator Angle Display (GOAD) system developed by J. H. Fletcher & Company. Additionally improved roof and rib control reduces scaling time and makes a safer working environment.

The GOAD system uses sensors on the boom and feed mechanisms that display hole angles and depth of drilling on an in-cab monitor. This insures accurate boom and feed alignment for precise hole placement and direction. Designed for use with both burn patterns where the drill round can be optimized or longer rounds drilled due to precision drilling and V-cut drilling patterns with variable hole depth where the system automatically calculates the proper depth for a flat blasted face and retracts the rock drill when the correct calculated depth is reached. In operation, a 30 percent improvement in the tonnage blasted has been recorded combined with a significant savings in fuel, blasting agents, drill steel and bits.

As a protective measure, the system also monitors the flushing pressure reacting when the pressure drops by automatically retracting the drill and steel again leading to savings in time and drilling accessory cost.

Fletcher is a leading manufacturer of mobile underground mining equipment. For information, call the Industrial Minerals Division at 304.525.7811 or visit

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