August 21, 2009

greystone-stationary-classiCOLUMBUS, NE – Aggre-Spec sand classifying systems, manufactured by Columbus, NE-based GreyStone, Inc., produce up to three products, including two spec products, from natural or manufactured sand blends. Aggre-Spec classifying systems allow producers to scalp excess water, reject excess material, separate and size sand particles and re-blend up to two industry-standard spec products simultaneously. Urethane discharge valves and seats are self-aligning to keep valves centered for maximum flow and long life. Discharge boots are also urethane, with the optimum angle for maximum flow and reduced wear of the flume’s abrasion-resistant lined floor. GreyStone offers a full line of Aggre-Spec classifying systems, as well as controls, including:


Stationary Aggre-Spec tanks, with 10 classifier models, ranging in size from 8-ft x 20-ft to 12-ft x 48-ft. Stationary structures offer from six to 11 classifying stations with three cells, capable of producing up to three products at one time.


Semi-Portable Aggre-Spec classifying systems, featuring a modular, low-profile construction and stack-up design for quick installation. This line includes 18 classifier models, ranging in size from 8-ft x 24-ft to 12-ft by 48-ft. Semi-portable structures offer from seven to 11 classifying stations and produce up to 820 TPH.


Portable Aggre-Spec classifying systems, featuring a low-profile design for quick transport and installation. This line includes 8 classifier models, ranging in size from 8-ft x 24-ft to 10-ft x 40-ft. Portable structures offer from seven to 11 classifying stations and produce up to 350 TPH.

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GreyStone Aggre-Spec Classifying Systems & Controllers, page 2


GreyStone Aggre-Spec control systems offer a Windows®-based control system that allows producers to make an unlimited number of recipes of two products. Aggre-Spec control systems hold to tight product specifications and warn operators of potential out-of-spec product conditions.


The Aggre-Spec V6 re-blending system—GreyStone’s most advanced unit—allows operators to view information on one screen that used to require multiple screen views. This information can easily be accessed from a laptop, allowing the operator freedom of movement and control from a remote location.


In addition, the Aggre-Spec V6:

  • Increases production by up to 15 percent
  • Re-blends up to 3 spec products, including 2 spec products simultaneously, using single or twin tank controls
  • Offers simple product spec changes and multi-tasking capabilities with patented 3-method Windows®-based programs
  • Stockpile analysis compares finished product against expected products and input settings
  • Report module collects data, including FM, yield, feed gradation and output gradation, and stores in spreadsheet format for flexible reporting
  • Retrofits to more than 30 different classifier models, with up to 11 stations


GreyStone manufactures a complete line of field-proven portable and semi-portable washing/screening plants, sand classification tanks and systems, single and twin fine material dewatering screws, single and twin coarse material washers, log washers, advanced computer control systems, water clarifiers, rotary and vibrating screens, portable conveyors and radial stackers, blade mills, dewatering screens, twin jets, cutter heads and aggregate reclaiming systems. For more information on GreyStone, visit the company’s Web site at; contact them at P.O. Box 904, Columbus, NE 68602; call toll-free: 888.346.WASH (9274); phone: 402.564.9505; fax: 402.564.6694; or e-mail

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