Guardian Hydraulic Floor Scales


October 12, 2009

HH-Guardian-Floor-ScaleThe Cardinal Guardian Hydraulic Floor Scale series is just what the name implies, optimum guarded protection against harsh environments. Most models are designed with stainless steel decks and all feature environmentally-sealed (IP68), corrosion-resistant, stainless steel load cells. This premier floor scale guards against power surges, corrosion from chemicals, explosive environments, and high-pressure wash-downs. Utilizing hydraulic load cells, there is absolutely no electrical power in the scale itself, providing you with the best choice for weighing in water-laden environments. The Guardian is your shield against the dangers inherent in extreme-duty environments and is excellent for food-grade processing applications. To insure your investment, Cardinal provides a lifetime warranty on the Guardian’s hydraulic load cells.

The Guardian series comes in three different types of removable, checkered, stainless steel deck plates for easy cleaning with high-pressure hoses, including gas-assisted cylinder lift-top decks and valve-activated pneumatic cylinder deck lifts. These scales are specifically designed to meet the special sanitation requirements in food processing and chemical plants. They provide quick access to components below the scale surface for cleaning and inspection. All of this extreme-duty protection means one thing, big savings over the life of your floor scale.

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