Hall Quarry citizens to vote on quarry regulations in special town meeting

July 23, 2013

7346206508_fd3fc4269b_bCitizens in Mount Desert, Maine, this week will vote on quarry regulations at a special town meeting, according to a report from Fenceviewer.

The special town meeting, which will take place July 25, was scheduled after residents attending a public hearing last month asked the Hall Quarry Planning Board to include specific performance standards as part of a quarrying ordinance the planning board was considering.

At the town meeting this week, citizens will first vote on Warrant Article 3, which asks whether they want to prohibit mineral exploration and extraction, including quarrying, in all zoning districts. If passed, the warrant article would allow existing quarrying to continue but would prohibit future mineral extraction activities.

If Warrant Article 3 doesn’t pass during the meeting, citizens will vote on Warrant Article 4, which asks whether they want to approve an ordinance amendment that would prohibit mineral extraction activities but allow quarrying.

Also on the bill for voters on Thursday is Warrant Article 5, which citizens will vote on regardless of the outcome of Warrant Articles 3 and 4. Warrant Article 5 asks voters whether they want to adopt an ordinance that would require quarry operators to obtain a license from the town and would establish specific standards for quarrying.

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