2016 Top Rollout: Haver and Boecker’s Ty-Rail quick-tensioning system

Therese Dunphy

December 27, 2016

haverboecker_ty-railHaver and Boecker’s patented Ty-Rail quick-tensioning system allows for faster screen media change-outs. Each package includes two tension rail systems, eight angle boxes, and eight bolts. Once installed, each rail becomes a singular, removable piece with the bolts remaining attached to the rail, and the angle boxes remaining attached to the vibrating screen. To remove the tension rails, an operator loosens the bolts on each, shifts the angle boxes up, and lifts the rail and bolts out as one piece. This is said to reduce screen media change-out times by half, and change-outs can be performed by a single operator.


2016 Top Rollout: Superior Industries' Patriot cone crusher plant

2016 Top Rollout: Superior Industries’ Patriot cone crusher plant

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