Heavy Haulers


July 1, 2012

Rigid frame haul trucks continue to provide heavy hauling for aggregate operations.




 Tier 4 final certification

Caterpillar Inc. says its new 777G off-highway truck is Tier 4 Final, delivering greater levels of production and fuel efficiency, as well as enhanced safety, operator comfort, and service convenience. The company says the truck offers next-generation transmission control with its Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS), which provides greater productivity at better fuel rates with torque shift management that allows the truck to carry more momentum up grades. The Tier 4 Final engine requires the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and low ash engine oil, but requires no additional maintenance or operator input. Additional features include enhanced braking and traction control, hydraulic oil-immersed disc brakes, a traction control system that differentiates between tire spin and high-speed turns, a wider cab access with hand rails, 50-percent lower noise levels in the cab, and a combination of radar and cameras for enhanced safety and object detection. Maintenance is said to be quick and convenient with ground-level service centers for both electrical connections and fluid fill.




Rugged frame

The Terex TR45 rigid truck is specially designed with a rugged frame to handle rough terrain. The truck comes standard with dual-mode retardation, giving the operator a choice between oil-cooled disc brakes or hydraulic retardation. A powerful 525-horsepower engine features an electronic management system for optimal control. The truck’s high-capacity, heavy-duty body offers a large target area for easy loading and is constructed of Hardox 450 abrasion-resistant steel to carry payloads from 45 tons with a heaped capacity of 34 cubic yards. Additional features include hydraulically operated, oil-cooled rear disc brakes and an ergonomically designed two-person cab.





Maximizes haul truck capacity

Philippi-Hagenbuch says its line of Autogate Tailgates is designed specifically to increase haul capacities by up to 20 percent, while also providing added safety and extended tire life. The line of tailgates includes models suited for both rigid frame and articulated trucks and is said to be effective for any material — hard and rocky or liquid. The company constructs each tailgate to the specific spec of each truck model. All new Autogate Tailgates purchased and installed at the factory or installed under the Supervisory Assistance program will receive a complete three-year warranty covering all parts and repairs resulting from defective components. The warranty is transferrable to new owners, provided the initial certified installation remains intact.




Hitachi Construction Machinery


Variable brake proportioning

Hitachi says its EH1700-3 rigid frame haul truck features a low center of gravity, a simple steering geometry, and a front trailing-arm suspension coupled with NEOCON suspension cylinders, a unique variable front-to-rear brake proportioning that maximizes stop performance under slippery road conditions. The dump body features a single sloped floor that is exhaust heated to muffle the exhaust and evenly shed material during dumping. Horizontal floor- and side-rail stiffeners distribute load shocks evenly over the entire body length. Closely spaced floor stiffeners reduce wear due to impact loading.




Komatsu America Corp.

Enhanced productivity

Komatsu’s HD605-7 rigid dump truck features a Tier 3 SAA6D170E-5 turbocharged, air-to-air, after-cooled diesel engine, which provides a maximum net output of 715 horsepower. The engine is enhanced with an advanced cooling system and improved fuel pre-filters and environmentally friendly lead-free aluminum core radiators. The electronically controlled countershaft transmission with K-Atomics automatically selects the optimum gear according to vehicle speed for any operating condition.





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