March 27, 2008

Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities often have to keep equipment up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If a breakdown occurs due to contaminated fuel, valuable hours and money can be lost.  The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter guarantees that fuel, no matter how long it”s been stored, will be clean and free of water when poured into machinery.  Mr. Funnel is a simple way to avoid ruining engines, fuel injectors and fuel tanks, while improving efficiency and performance.

        The fast-flowing Mr. Funnel filters water, dirt and debris from gasoline, diesel, kerosene and all mixed 2-cycle fuels.  The anti-static, industrial-strength polypropylene funnel contains a built-in stainless steel filter.  It separates water and traps contaminants so only clean fuel exits the funnel.  The coated, non-stick filter is self-cleaning and never needs replacement.  Lightweight, portable and durable, the funnel can be carried anywhere and is simple to use under any condition.

        With a flow rate up to 15 gpm, the F15 has dual filters and can be used at a fuel pump.  The F8 is great for filtering more than five gallons of fuel, and the smaller F1 and F3 are perfect for smaller equipment. 

        Prices for the Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter range from $14 to $64.95.

        Contact Mr. Funnel, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL  34990. 

sales@mrfunnel.com;  http://www.mrfunnel.com.

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