Highbank loads first aggregate shipment at new barge-loading facility at Swamp Point North Quarry, delivers it to Port of Prince Rupert

Kerry Clines

May 11, 2015


Highbank Resources Ltd. loaded its first shipment of aggregates at its new barge-loading facility in British Columbia and delivered it to the Port of Prince Rupert. Helenic Shipping News reports that Highbank Director Jim Place, P. Geo., boarded the 100-foot seagoing tug boat “Sea Warrior” at the Port of Prince Rupert and accompanied it, along with a barge, up the Portland Canal to the company’s recently built barge-loading facility at its oceanside Swamp Point North Quarry. Crews then used the new conveyor load-out system to load approximately 4,000 tons of 1-inch base crush onto the barge.

“This first deployment of our barge loading system performed better than anticipated, and loading was accomplished sooner than expected,” Victor Bryant, CEO/President of Highbank tells the news agency. “The “Sea Warrior” then towed the loaded barge to deliver the company’s first commercial shipment of aggregate to the Port of Prince Rupert, arriving Sat., May 2, 2015. The arrival of this first sand and gravel aggregate shipment to Prince Rupert is a milestone in the development of Highbank’s deposit. It signifies to shareholders that their faith in the Highbank development has been justified. Importantly, it also demonstrates to local end users that a new high quality, competitive, and locally sourced aggregate is now available.”


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