Highbank’s Swamp Point North project receives Mines Act Permit

March 27, 2014

highbankHighbank Resources Ltd. has received the Mines Act Permit, authorizing sand and gravel extraction for the company’s Swamp Point North aggregates project.

According to its website, the company intends to mine and produce sand and gravel, as well as granite from its Swamp Point Prop, and sell the material primarily to North America’s Pacific Northwest, which includes areas from BC to California, and to its secondary markets in the Pan Pacific area, including South Korea, South East Asia, Japan and Hawaii.

The project, located near the city of Prince Rupert and the township of Stewart, will include two stages (evaluation and trial mining, and large-scale mining) over the span of two years.

For more details about Highbank’s Swamp Point North project, click here.

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