Hirschmann introduces the Scalable Mobile Control System


May 17, 2011

Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH, Neckartenzlingen, introduces a modular product family with its new Scalable Mobile Control System, which can be used for controlling and monitoring machine functions as well as for load moment indication. The product family includes new controls from the iFLEX series and new iSCOUT operating consoles, which, by way of hundreds of combination possibilities, allow tailor-made solutions at reasonable prices. The modular concept also ensures that each solution can be adapted economically at any time to new requirements. Due to its versatility and the rugged design of the components, the Scalable Mobile Control System can be used in cranes and other lifting devices as well as in a multitude of other mobile machinery applications.

The controls, which were developed with the new EN ISO 13849-1 standard and the new machinery directive in mind, are available in the protection classes IP20, IP66/67 and optionally IP6k9k. They also offer an extended temperature range of between -40 and +70 degrees Celsius and are designed to fulfill even the highest demands on shock and vibration resistance.

Through different 32 bit CPUs, the whole performance range is covered, from low-end to high-end controls. Thanks to an integrated security architecture, the Scalable Mobile Control System also provides performance level c (SIL 1) or d (SIL 2) in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. This security architecture consists of a security controller, a security protocol developed by Hirschmann as well as a Security Task, which monitors the main processor and the main control circuit of the application program.

All Scalable Mobile Control System controls have a compact design and provide over 200 inputs and outputs that can be combined flexibly. The integrated communication interfaces include an Ethernet port (10/100 BASE-TX), a CANopen/CANopen Safety port and a USB interface. Other optional interfaces such as composite video or Zigbee ports are available, with which the controls can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the relevant application. Software modules such as function blocks for load moment indication can also be integrated.

As the controls have a standard software platform, the same application can be used on all CPUs. Program or firmware updates can also be implemented quickly and easily without a PC, via a USB memory stick.

The operating consoles of the Scalable Mobile Control System, which, just like the controls, support Ethernet and CANopen, are available as Monitor-Console for cost-effective solutions, with the graphical CPU integrated in the control system; as Stand-alone version with integrated graphical CPU and standard PLC communication link; and as Console with integrated PLC control as compact solution for small applications.

The consoles have a 4.3″ (430×272 pixels) or 7″ (800×480 pixels) color display and can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation.  Their ergonomic design and appropriate positioning of the control elements and LEDs facilitate the operation by means of touch screen, software and hardware function keys or rotary pulse encoders in any installed position. They can be operated via buttons, touch screen or thumbwheel. All the consoles are designed for a temperature range of between -30 and +70 degrees Celsius.

The application software of the controls and operating consoles can be programmed using CoDeSys (IEC 61131-3) or C. Hirschmann also offers a program library for control and security functions specific to individual customers’ wishes as well as (on request) complete system integration, including the creation of the corresponding application programs. Upon request, Hirschmann™ will also accommodate the entire system integration, including the design and compilation of the appropriate application software.

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