Hitachi Construction and Mining to be at AGG1


December 11, 2009

EX1200-6Hitachi Construction and Mining will be at the 2010 Agg1 show, with an inside location — Booth 1301. Although no product will be on display, Hitachi experts will be on hand to discuss how Hitachi excavators and trucks can provide low-cost solutions for quarry operatons.

Quarry Experts

As the excavation and hauling specialist, Hitachi quarry-sized excavators and trucks move material productively, economically, and reliably.  Hitachi offers a number of quarry- and mining-sized excavators. In particular, the EX1200-6 and EX1900-6 are ideal for quarry applications. The EX1200-6 front-shovel bucket range is 7.71 to 8.5 cubic yards; the EX1900-6 range is 14.4 to 15.7 cubic yards.

Hitachi-excavator hallmarks include long-life undercarriages, extended service components, field-proven structures, and well-balanced hydraulic systems providing both productivity and reliability. Hitachi’s exclusive Auto-Level Crowd mechanism on the EX Dash-6 shovels increases job efficiency with one-lever control.

The Dash-6 line not only meets Tier-2 requirements, it was developed to slash life-cycle costs and reduce downtime by using advanced technology. A highly sophisticated monitoring system provides instant fault and alarm diagnosis displaying warnings and countermeasures if an event arises.

Hitachi cabs have always been comfortable and the controls responsive. With the Dash 6s, the cab has been newly redesigned and features a new air-ride operator’s seat and redesigned electric joystick controls for ease of control and less fatigue. Another new item is Hitachi Global e-Service, which provides owners critical field data at their fingertips. Complete MIC (Machine Information Center) data can be downloaded in the field with a Palm Pilot™.

Since Hitachi has been making large quarry and mining excavators for so long, it has developed a wealth of data on providing support to their products. Hitachi has also listened to customers and dealers. As a result, the Dash-6 Series is focused on determining appropriate warning thresholds and providing more accurate replacement intervals for parts.

Haulers Ready to Roll

Ever since Euclid trucks rolled on the scene in the 1930s, “Eucs” have generated great respect for their value, longevity, and uptime. Today, as owner of this legendary product line, Hitachi is setting a new standard for uptime, productivity, comfort, and value.

The newest Hitachi trucks typically used in quarries are the mechanical-drive EH750-3, EH1100-3, and EH1700-3.

The Dash 3s use the fuel-efficient and more economical Tier-2 MTU Detroit Diesel engines. The frame is the result of hundreds of thousands of field-hour use. The signature body design with its single-sloped floor and exhaust-heated body sheds material evenly. And the Hitachi trailing-arm suspension package delivers a better ride, more operator comfort, and faster cycle times.

The EH1700-3, with its innovative suspension system, unitized frame, improved power options, and upgraded electronics systems, is a high-performance hauler. It is also available in a high-horsepower option, providing an additional 155 hp for better performance in heavy-duty applications. 

There are a lot of good reasons why so many Hitachi excavators and haul trucks are used in quarries all over the world. Be sure to stop by Booth 1301 to visit with the Hitachi experts.

Company Profile

Since the introduction of Hitachi’s first quarry and mining excavators in the 1970s, Hitachi has built an excellent reputation for high productivity, low maintenance costs, and high reliability. In fact, two out of five mining excavators at work in the world today are Hitachi. And, as owner of the legendary Euclid rigid-frame haul-truck line, Hitachi has ensured its Hitachi trucks are perfectly matched to its excavators in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. They are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships through responsive, flexible product support.

Hitachi mining excavators and haul trucks are sold and supported by a network of local dealers backed by the full force of Hitachi. The level of support provided depends on the equipment owner. Through the warranty period, mechanics literally stand by to ensure the shovel, backhoe, or rigid-frame haul truck provides full satisfaction. But beyond the warranty period, your Hitachi dealer is ready to provide, at a minimum, training, parts management, component rebuilds, and on-demand mechanic services. And each dealer is trained and capable of providing the support of a full Maintenance and Repair Contract (MARC) agreement for support at a competitive cost.

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