Hitachi EH3500ACII Mining Truck


June 30, 2009

eh3500aciiAs the excavation and hauling specialist, Hitachi Trucks move material productively, economically, and reliably. Hitachi trucks set the standard for productivity and comfort. In fact, Hitachi is the only truck manufacturer in the world that provides its own IGBT control, electric generator, and wheel motors — as seen in the EH3500ACII rigid frame haul truck.

The EH3500ACII uses the Hitachi IGBT AC-Drive system for better performance, higher availability, and significant reductions in maintenance and operating costs. A new Hitachi-made controller monitors truck systems and replaces multiple outsourced controllers. A simple flat-panel dashboard consists of a 10.4” LCD monitor that eliminates all independently placed gauges and lights. The philosophy behind the monitor in the truck is the same as the Hitachi Dash-6 excavators — it allows for quick troubleshooting on the machine to reduce costs and downtime. The new air conditioning system is the same found in the larger-sized Hitachi excavators.

The Hitachi AC-drive advantage

Hitachi is not new to the electrical drive system business, with hundreds of drive systems running in applications varying from bullet trains and large production plant automation systems to electrically powered mining shovels and backhoes.

In addition, the EH3500ACII AC-powered truck maneuvers easily in tight spaces and comfortably handles the haul road with steady speed on grade. AC retarding to near-zero ground speed coupled with a service brake blending feature that applies the hydraulic service brake to easily bring the hauler to a complete stop reduces brake wear. The new HI-Tech ROPS/FOPS cab uses a three-point rubber iso-mount to minimize vibration by allowing additional Independent cab motion vs. traditional four-point mounted cabs.

Other features include:

         New planetary design with two fixed planetary gears

         New final drive with gear-oil circulation system

         New upgraded frame similar to Hitachi EH5000ACII

         New body design with sloped floor and tail chute for less spillage and smoother shedding of materials

         New Hitachi load-weighing system with correction by axle/weight ratio and slope angle for greater accuracy

         New easy-access front ladder, standard.

         New fast-filling system is ground-level accessible for coolant, grease, hydraulic oil, and engine oil. Couplers are optional.

The AC-Drive Benefits

The older-generation EH3500 was DC drive. So what’s the benefit to AC drive? Lower and better life-cycle performance costs, better downhill slope performance, more energy efficient, easier to maintain with brushless motors and no transmission or differential, and it can be used in trolley-assist applications where both the engine and the trolley are needed. Rimpull and retarding are better as well.

The EH3500ACII is well matched to Hitachi excavators. It takes seven passes from an EX2500-6, five passes with an EX3600-6, and three to four passes with an EX5500-6.

Hitachi Background

Since the introduction of Hitachi’s first mining excavators in the 1970s, Hitachi has built an excellent reputation for high productivity, low maintenance costs, and high reliability. In fact, two out of five mining excavators at work in the world today are Hitachi. And, as owner of the legendary Euclid rigid-frame haul-truck line, Hitachi has ensured its Hitachi trucks are perfectly matched to its excavators in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. They are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships through responsive, flexible product support.

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