Hitachi EH5000ACII rolls onto the field


June 30, 2009

eh5000aciiAs the excavation and hauling specialist, Hitachi Trucks move material productively, economically, and reliably.

Hitachi’s largest rigid-frame haul truck, the EH5000ACII, has a nominal payload of 320 tons (290 tonnes) and a capacity of 269.4 cubic yards (206 m3). Hitachi engineers have focused on the turbocharged and after-cooled MTU Detroit Diesel 16V-4000 C23 as their certified Tier-2 engine of choice, with two configurations available — 2,700 or 3,000 horsepower.

The EH5000ACII continues to feature the Siemens electric AC-drive system. This new model incorporates the latest AC-drive technology, using Siemens IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter drives. IGBT advantages include higher efficiency, better availability, and a higher degree of controllability compared to the GTO-drive systems used on its predecessor, the EH5000. This new system uses liquid-cooled inverters, high-efficiency AC motors, and a three-phase AC alternator.

The new EH5000ACII can be configured to better match a mine’s specific hauling needs, whether this is a high-altitude, deep-pit/high-rolling-resistance, or long-flat-hauling application. This new model can also be equipped with a new sound-attenuation package for those mining operations with special environmental sound restrictions.

A total of 300 trucks in this size class have been sold by Hitachi in seven different countries. This success is attributed in part to the EH5000’s successful design concept of matching the correct tire selection, while optimizing the horsepower-to-weight ratio — 10 horsepower per ton of payload, field-proven systems, and balanced design for the lowest cost per ton.

The new EH5000ACII features a “next-generation” AC-drive system that provides even more torque for faster speeds up grades. Hitachi’s trademark trailing-arm suspension and Neocon struts, along with an optimal one-third/two-third load distribution, provides a strong, stable ride, allowing for faster speeds on haul roads and excellent cornering ability.

Additional improvements include frame and rear axle changes, a longer wheelbase, a wider and extended walkway for better serviceability, and a new cab design that’s stronger and bigger with improved visibility. The new EH5000ACII machine has been pre-designed to be trolley-assist ready for those mines looking to maximize product electrification.

The EH5500ACII is well matched to Hitachi excavators. It takes five to seven passes from an EX5500-6; four to five passes with an EX8000-6.

Hitachi Background

Since the introduction of Hitachi’s first mining excavators in the 1970s, Hitachi has built an excellent reputation for high productivity, low maintenance costs, and high reliability. In fact, two out of five mining excavators at work in the world today are Hitachi. And, as owner of the legendary Euclid rigid-frame haul-truck line, Hitachi has ensured its Hitachi trucks are perfectly matched to its excavators in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. They are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships through responsive, flexible product support.

In the Western Hemisphere, for more information on Hitachi trucks, contact your local Hitachi dealer or go online to

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