Hitachi EH750-3 Rigid-Frame Haul Truck


June 30, 2009

eh750-3Hitachi designs for the hard stuff. They see the truck as an extension of the operator. The frame, engine, transmission, differential and wheels all need to work in harmony to maximize loads. The comfortable, state-of-the-art cab ensures operator safety and performance. By designing on the cutting edge, Hitachi trucks maximize productivity with less downtime.


The EH-3 line of mechanical-drive trucks is the one most typically used in quarries in North America. The EH750-3, with its lower wider look, is the epitome of high-tech sophistication combined with proven performance concepts. It has a new thicker abrasion-resistant alloy steel body with larger load capacities for quarry applications requiring higher payload. 


Built for quarry applications, the EH750-3 body uses a 0.63-inch (16 mm) floor plate and 0.3-inch (8 mm) side plates made of 400 BHN high-tensile steel. This provides high resistance to wear and impact. A low loading height and large target area allow easy, quick loading by a variety of loading tools.


The Hitachi EH-3 quarry trucks have a host of improvements. They feature an all-new, Hitachi-designed central controller with CanBus technology to monitor all systems, Tier-3 engines, standard side and rearview camera system plus updated mirrors, and a newly designed air-ride seat with optional semi-active seat for enhanced comfort.


The new Hitachi Technology (HI-TECH) ROPS/FOPS Cab features a center-integrated automotive-style dashboard that positions the display and controls within close view of the road ahead. The cab uses double-wall construction and a three-point rubber iso-mount to absorb shocks and noise. The high-powered heater provides ample BTUs for all environments and working conditions. The new Hitachi controller, built by Hitachi and also used in our excavators, will perform its function of processing input and output information with reliability during the most rigorous haul cycle.


The exclusive ACCU-TRAC independent training arm front suspension with ride struts utilizes the Hitachi-patented NEOCON-E compressible fluid along with helium gas. This minimizes suspension-induced frame twisting while providing independent tire action, provides longer component life, improves speed in turns and increases component, seal and tire life.


For more information about the EH750-3, visit your local Hitachi dealership or go online to

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