Hitachi EX1200-6


June 30, 2009

ex1200-6-backhoeAs the excavation and hauling specialist, Hitachi mining excavators and trucks move material productively, economically, and reliably. The versatile EX1200-6 is used by many mines, quarries, and contractors. While the operator’s cab layout, controls, and monitor are from the new Hitachi Zaxis Dash-3 line of construction excavators, the main frame, undercarriage, swing gear/bearing, and modular design of the engine compartment, radiator and oil cooler, and control valve, place it squarely in the mining camp. Exclusive auto-leveling crowd mechanism for the front shovel configuration increases job efficiency with one-lever control.

Versatile Player

The EX1200-6 is one of six new Dash-6 mining excavators. Its front-shovel operating weight is 251,300 lb (114 000 kg); BE backhoe: 246,900 lb. (112 000 kg). It features a new Tier-2 Cummins QSK23-C engine that generates 760 hp (567 kW). It also has an enhanced cab with better visibility, an air-suspension operator’s seat, a widescreen color LCD multifunction monitor, and low-effort short-throw levers with electric fly-by-wire. An updated monitoring system measures 58 items versus 12 from previous models.

The 1200-6 also features a redesigned backhoe front-attachment geometry and linkage for increased bucket and arm digging forces. The popular Optimum Hydraulic System (OHS)™ is used along with a proven swing-priority system for smooth and efficient combined operations. A boom mode switch, when turned on, reduces vibration and impact shock-loads due to less lifting or pulling of the body. As well as increasing comfort, this also increases component life.

Front shovel bucket capacity is 7.7 – 8.5 yd3 (5.9 – 6.5 m3); BE backhoe is: 3.92 – 8.8 yd3 (3 – 6.7 m3). It takes three to five passes to fill the EH750-3 Haul Truck; five to seven passes to fill the EH1100-3.

Also standard is the new Hitachi Global e-Service for easy internet access to vital Machine Information Center (MIC) data. This enables owners to use their own computers to check on critical data without having to purchase any expensive software or go out into the field and do a manual download. So whether someone is operating out of a mine’s field office or the mine’s global headquarters, Hitachi e-Service makes it possible to remote monitor the health of each Dash-6 excavator. Manual downloads can still be done in order to obtain all of the MIC data. However these complete files can be uploaded into e-Service as well.

The Hitachi Difference

The entire Dash-6 line not only meets Tier-2 requirements, it was developed to slash life-cycle costs and reduce downtime by using advanced technology. A highly sophisticated monitoring system provides instant fault and alarm diagnosis displaying warnings and countermeasures if an event arises.

Since Hitachi has been making large mining excavators for so long, it has developed a wealth of data on providing support of their products. Hitachi has also listened to customers and dealers. As a result, the Dash-6 Series design team was also focused on determining appropriate warning thresholds and providing more accurate replacement intervals for parts with analysis of the monitoring data.

Hitachi mining hallmarks which continue in the new Dash-6 series include long-life undercarriages, extended service components, field proven structures, and well balanced hydraulic systems providing both productivity and reliability.

Hitachi Background

Since the introduction of Hitachi’s first mining excavators in the 1970s, Hitachi has built an excellent reputation for high productivity, low maintenance costs, and high reliability. In fact, two out of five mining excavators at work in the world today are Hitachi. And, as owner of the legendary Euclid rigid-frame haul-truck line, Hitachi has ensured its Hitachi trucks are perfectly matched to its excavators in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. They are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships through responsive, flexible product support.

Hitachi Philosophy and Commitment

The Hitachi design philosophy is to design and build equipment that meets three basic customer needs: high reliability, high productivity, and low operating costs. Hitachi also believes in mutual trust — creating long-term partnerships with its dealers and customers in order to minimize unexpected downtime and reduce operating costs.

In order to better serve its mining customers and reinforce its commitment to the mining community, Hitachi has recently completed a new 138-million-dollar state-of-the-industry factory in Japan, near the Hitachi-Naka port. The building itself is 382,122 square feet and is devoted exclusively to large excavators and rigid frame haul trucks. The annual output goal is 165 mining sized excavators, 125 EX1200-sized quarry excavators, and 80 mining-sized haul trucks.

Hitachi mining excavators and trucks are sold and supported by a network of local dealers, backed by the full force of Hitachi. In Central and South America, in the rare instance where there is not a Hitachi dealer in the area, Hitachi can still support the equipment through the establishment of a dedicated Hitachi-owned branch.

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