Homeowners sue Pasco County Commission over lime rock quarry approval

July 5, 2013

gavelA group of homeowners is asking a Shady Hills, Florida, judge to reject the Pasco County Commission’s approval of a mediation settlement that would allow a lime rock quarry to operate near their homes, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Robert J. Howell, Terry Hoppenians and Myles Friedland filed the lawsuit last month, alleging that the mining operation “is not consistent with the existing densities and intensities of both the site and surrounding neighborhood; is not compatible with approved development and development patterns in the area; and does not provide an adequate transition of land uses from mining to single family residential.”

The homeowners filed the lawsuit a month after the commissioners approved a settlement Outlaw Ridge in an effort to prevent a lawsuit. Commissioners had denied the Outlaw Ridge’s request to expand its sand mining operation and blast for lime rock before the company sought relief through mediation.

The settlement gives Outlaw Ridge a 15-year permit with no extensions and creates a $510,000 escrow account to pay for any damages from mining; if there are no damage, the account would pay for neighborhood improvements. The settlement also requires the site be turned into a park, open space or residential housing once the permit ends.

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