HyperSlot™ Improves Screening Efficiency, Removes More Fines


July 29, 2009

major-wire-hyperslot-cutoutCandiac, Quebec, Canada HyperSlot woven wire is the newest solution to improve screening efficiency from Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited.


HyperSlot’s unique and innovative design—using alternating crimped and straight wires—provides major benefits for screens that are commonly used for de-sanding, removing large amounts of fines and/or wherever there is a severe blinding problem and Major Wire’s Flex-Mat® 3 is not a good alternative. HyperSlot is also ideal for use in high-heat situations, such as the “hot side” of asphalt plants.


The alternating wire styles in HyperSlot woven wire result in an uneven surface with one straight wire followed by one crimped wire. The crimped wire causes the material to slow down and tumble over the screen cloth. Slowing the material down and increasing the vibration from the material’s impact will result in better fines removal.


HyperSlot’s design offers three major benefits to producers. Crimped wires tend to slow down material so it increases contact with openings in the screen cloth. Crimped wires tend to “roll” the material—this tumbling effect over the screen does a better job of removing fines. With alternating crimped and straight wires, the screen cloth allows for some vibration. This improves the screen’s ability to reduce blinding in comparison to all straight wire slotted cloth.


Producers can order HyperSlot customized to fit on the crown bars or to their desired slot opening. Numerous wire diameters per opening sizes are in both Major Wire’s OptimumWire® woven wire and stainless steel wire.


Now celebrating its 125th anniversary, Major Wire Industries Limited designs, manufactures and markets screening solutions, including Flex-Mat® 3 High-Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media; Flex-Thane®, a Flex-Mat solution for flat-deck screens; OptimumWireÒ woven tempered and stainless steel wire cloth and polyurethane panels for the quarry, mining, recycling, road building, green waste, top soil and industrial markets. Major Wire is ISO 9001:2008 registered. For more information, contact Major Wire Industries Limited, 225 North Montcalm Blvd., Candiac, Québec, Canada J5R 3L6; telephone: 450.659.7681; fax: 450.659.5570; e-mail major@majorwire.cc or visit its Web site at www.majorwire.cc.

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