Idaho Sand and Gravel to end operations at Meridian site by November

April 24, 2014

(Photo: Björn Rehder / Flickr)
(Photo: Björn Rehder / Flickr)

Idaho Sand and Gravel will end operations at its site in Meridian, Idaho in the next six months.

The company requested a permit extension last month that would have allowed the site to continue operating for 18 months after its current permit expired on April 4.

However, the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission rejected the 18-month extension, KTVB reports. Instead, the commission granted a six-month permit, ordered the company to cease rock crushing and excavating at the site, and required the company to haul all material away from the site and have the area reclaimed by November 1.

The site has been in operation for three years, and the report notes that Idaho Sand and Gravel tried to address neighbor complaints at public meetings before the commission made its decision.

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