Illegal dumping at quarry attracting bears

Brian Ethridge

July 23, 2014

black-bear-banff-np-al-canada-fb300522-a6ca-45bb-981e-85e9440391ecThe mayor of Botwood, a town in Canada, is getting fed up with people illegally dumping trash in a local rock quarry. The garbage is attracting bears and coyotes to the area, which is right by a main highway, a popular park and a swimming hole.

People have been dumping all sorts of trash in the quarry including moose carcasses and household waste.

Because bears are a danger to everyone in the area, the Mayor wants the provincial government to step in and start handing down hefty fines to anyone caught dumping at the site.

Although some bears can be quite cute, wildlife officials want you to avoid the dangerous animals at all costs. If you encounter a bear in the wild, stay calm, back away slowly – do not run – and always avoid eye contact with the animal.

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