In-House Conveyor Automation Engineers for Application Specific Programs


April 6, 2011

Committed to ongoing development and innovation, Superior Industries, a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems and components, is equipped with a team of its own conveyor automation programmers.

In-house development allows the company to create its own automation packages, tailored to each aggregate producer’s application. The company says users can increase their tons per hour, boost pile volumes and more consistently create fully desegregated stockpiles.

As it stockpiles, Superior’s TeleStacker conveyor accesses data from the company’s PilePro Automation package. The system can automatically build radial windrow, radial conical, inline windrow or inline conical stockpiles as large as 275,000 tons. Equipped with an easy to use touch screen, the system can recall up to fourprevious pile projects, includes an optional remote and can be upgraded onsite.

About Superior Industries
Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, Superior Industries designs and fabricates a full line of conveying equipment, telescoping conveyors, supply-erect systems, feed systems, conveyor idlers, pulleys, as well as other conveyor components. Besides Morris, the company operates from manufacturing facilities in Prescott Valley, Arizona, and Norcross, Georgia.

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