Caterpillar’s 336E hydraulic excavator offers increased productivity, fuel efficiency

Kerry Clines

June 15, 2011

Caterpillar says its new 336E hydraulic excavator, which replaces the 336D, features a more powerful Tier 4 Interim engine for increased productivity. The engine is said to deliver 12 percent more power, 4 percent faster cycle times, and 5 percent more lift capacity than the 336D while improving fuel efficiency by 2 percent. Fuel-saving features include an electric regeneration valve that captures and recycles energy when the boom is lowered, an engine shutdown setting that enables operators to specify how long the machine should idle before shutting down the engine, and the ability to reduce engine speed to idle at the touch of a button. Isochronous speed control maintains constant engine speed regardless of load. The engine exhaust aftertreatment regeneration system ensures the machine works as normal with no operator intervention needed. The new cab is sealed and sound insulated and features ROPS. Joystick consoles are adjustable and the seat is wider for enhanced operator comfort.

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