Indoor Storage Improves Zeolite Product Quality


August 28, 2009

clearspanSouth Windsor, CT – ZEOX Mineral Materials Corp., a subsidiary of ZEOX Corporation, mines, processes and sells granular and ground zeolite products.  Serving a variety of industries, including water purification, waste remediation, oil well drilling and agriculture, ZEOX Mineral Materials Corp. has facilities in Nevada, Arizona, Montana and Canada.


At their White Cliffs Facility in Mammoth, AZ the company has approximately 3,100 acres of mining claims.  Vice President of Operations, Nick Hoyrup, describes the properties of zeolite ore.  “It is very porous and is often used as a desiccant to draw moisture from the air.  Even though it doesn’t rain much in Arizona, the zeolite will absorb and hold moisture for a long time once it becomes wet.”  This causes problems when processing the material and as well as potential customer service issues.  According to Hoyrup, “This can be a source of ‘phantom freight’ due to shipping water instead of product to the customer.”


To remedy these problems, raw material and zeolite product must be stored indoors, yet the Mammoth facility did not have a storage facility.  Rising steel prices led them to explore the option of a fabric structure over a metal one, and they chose a 60’ wide by 100’ long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building.  Hoyrup finds that the structure is serving their needs well.  “It is much better than what we had before and it went up quickly.  I was impressed with the crew that assembled it in such a short time,” he says.

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