Innotech Solutions, LLC


March 30, 2010

RFD700-01Innotech Solutions, LLC, a Brookfield, WI based company has introduced two new innovative products for the Aggregate industry to increase the tonnages of the saleable products and reduce the operating costs. ROI on these products is usually less than 3 months. Field results have been outstanding.

According to Sam Sawant, President of Innotech solutions, the Rotating Feed Distributor helps distribute the feed in the cone crushers to create even crushing all around the cavity. This has four distinct advantages; higher product tonnage, better liner utilization, lowers amp draw and elimination of crusher abuse.

Innotech also offers Turbocharge kits for the Symons® cone crushers to increase crushers’ ability to absorb more power which can be used to make up to 20% more product tonnages and improve particle shape.

Innotech can be reached toll free at 888-827-0011 ext. 14.

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