Interact® software provides the ability to export scale ticket data to your existing accounting software


July 8, 2009

aws-press-release-interac2October 2008 – Are you tired of hand entering the data from your truck scale tickets into a third party accounting software program? Advanced Weighing Systems can help with their Third Party Interface Modules.

Advanced Weighing Systems is the industry expert in the integration of scale data transactions into third party accounting systems. When third party integration is needed, Advanced Weighing Systems works side by side with you and your accounting software provider to design a custom export definition within Interact® software that allows you to export your scale transactions to your third party interface. Why spend valuable time hand entering data into your accounting software when Interact® can perform this task for you? Interact can save you time and money while freeing up your office staff to perform more productive activities. For more information, call (888) 726-0691 or visit Advanced Weighing Systems’ website at

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