International media get a preview of Intermat’s coming attractions

Therese Dunphy

January 25, 2018

As Intermat organizers prepare to host the international construction and infrastructure show, members of the construction media were treated to a preview of coming attractions. A pre-show event allowed editors to meet one-on-one with exhibitors to hear about their new equipment and perspective on the market. The show itself will be held April 23-28 in Paris, France, and is co-located with World of Concrete Europe.

Intermat in a nutshell

Approximately 1,500 exhibitors will be featured at the show’s indoor and outdoor exhibit areas. “It is the opportunity to meet equipment manufacturers, learn the latest on new machines, gauge the developments and innovations that have been added, and, therefore, imagine what our work sites will be like tomorrow,” says Bruno Cavagne, chairman of the French National Public Works Federation (FNTP) and chair of Intermat’s Innovation Awards 2018. “Manufacturers have a wide range of areas in which to innovate: equipment lifecycle, reduction of noise and greenhouse gas pollution or energy consumption, or resource recycling.”

For the first time, Intermat exhibits will be divided into four hubs, based on the equipment discipline. These include:

  • Earthmoving and demolition;
  • Roads, minerals, and foundations;
  • Lifting, handling, and transportation; and
  • Buildings and concrete.

Each hub will include a dedicated space to present new technologies applicable to that sector. For example, the Start-up by Eurovia Village will showcase 13 new companies displaying their digital solutions and products. Other villages include the Smart Road Village, the Building Smart Village, and the Demolition and Recycling Village.

A demonstration area will include demos of backhoe loaders, compact excavators, loaders, levelers, screening machinery, crushers and demolition equipment.

On April 26, the rental market will take center stage with a roundtable discussion about the market’s growth outlook. The discussion is expected to review major factors driving change in the rental business and explain how each country is preparing for it.

Innovation awards 2018

In advance of each Intermat show, a panel of judges from the European construction markets review new product offerings and evaluate them on criteria such as cost efficiency, technical design and technologies used, operation, use, and environmental protection. For the 2018 show, 13 products received the awards. The awards were aligned with the show’s hub structure, with an additional five special awards given.

Earthmoving and demolition

Volvo’s EX2 is a fully electric compact excavator that combines high efficiency with low noise levels.

Equipment & Machinery Award: Volvo CE’s EX2, a fully electric compact excavator delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher efficiency, 10 times lower noise levels, and a reduced total cost of ownership compared to its conventional counterparts. Believed to be the world’s first fully electric compact excavator, the prototype’s combustion engine was replaced with two lithium batteries which store enough electric energy for eight hours of application.

“The EX2 is a revolutionary machine,” Ahcène Nedjimi, electromobility specialist and EX2 project leader at Volvo CE, said in a press release. “The electrification of construction equipment will produce cleaner, quieter, and more efficient machines —  this represents the future of our industry.”

Components & Accessories Award: DMIC’s Ubiwan Smart is a web app that shows the location and activity of assets equipped with the Ubispot device, even when the asset does not have continuous power supply. It is based on the introduction of a low-range/low-energy technology within the geolocation device, boosted by proprietary firmware and the app.

Roads, minerals, and foundations

Equipment & Machinery Award: Fayat’s TRX continuous mobile hot-mix asphalt plant can reuse RAP from 100 to 0 percent with hot- and warm-mix technology. The plant can produce between 150 and 430 metric tons per hour.

Components & Accessories Award: RB3D’s Exo Push is an exoskeleton that assists the laborer with manual operations of asphalt leveling, making it the first ‘wearbot’ of the road construction market.

Lifting handling, and transportation

Equipment & Machinery Award: Hinowa S.p.A.’s Lightlift 33.17 is a tracked aerial platform with an operating reach of 16.5 meters, a working height of 32.5 meters, and a new, more comfortable basket. It is available in alternate configurations: with a Kubota D902 diesel engine and electric engine or with a lithium ion battery pack, which offers zero emissions and reduced noise levels.

Components & Accessories Award: Manitou Group’s machine stabilization recognition system uses a strain gauge inside the pin of the stabilizer cylinders to gain information of the exerted strength on the ground to create safer conditions when using stabilizers.

Buildings and concrete sector

Equipment & Machinery Award: Alphi’s MaxUpDown is a tool to handle MaxiDalle panels. Comprised of a telescopic mast system working by compressed air, it allows panels to be lifted and lowered with less effort.

Components & Accessories Award: 360SmartConnect’s Connected Concrete integrates passive RFID/NFC devices into concrete. These devices can connect with a standard smartphone via a cloud-based service platform and connect data and services for traceability, transfer of ownership, and maintenance.

Special awards

Digital transition award: EVA France’s Evas is the first embedded voice control system with integrated database communicating in CAN BUS interface. The customizable system can work in multiple languages as well as offline to allow an equipment operator to control vehicle functions via voice commands.

Mecalac’s e12 is the first wheel excavator to run only on electricity. A 650-Volt Lithium-Iron-Phosphate power pack services two electric motors.

Energy transition award: Mecalac’s Mecalac e12 is said to be the world’s first compact wheeled excavator run only by electricity. A 650 Volt Lithium-Iron-Phosphate power back supplies two electric motors; one moves the drive shaft through the gear box while a second independently drives the main hydraulic pump.

Startup award by Eurovia: Matos’ Matos-Connect manages planning, administrative, financial management, and sales via digital connection for those in the equipment rental market.

Safety award: Sima’s HandSafe wood cutting saw features a unique safety system with an integrated sensor to stop the blade the second it touches human skin.

World of Concrete Europe award: Sika France’s Concrete 3D printing brings 3D robotic innovation to the concrete industry, allowing cement-based ink to be extruded by a 3D printer layer-by-layer to produce full-size concrete elements.


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