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March 3, 2010

AMT_trax_02MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Aug 10, 2009 – Thor Global announces the addition of the new ThorTrax™ mobile track system to their standard line of products. This independent system is a versatile solution for moving equipment quickly and safely on location. When a loader is not available to move a machine, the ThorTrax™ mobile track system is the perfect solution!

The ThorTrax™ mobile track system can be used with various types of equipment such as crushers, screeners, grinders and trailers. It especially works well with all ThorStack2™ telescopic stackers and effectively increases onsite mobility. The ThorTrax™ mobile track system utilizes the 5th wheel hookup to attach to the telescopic stacker. When the stacker is in operating mode the ThorTrax™ mobile track system also acts as a fully functional anchor pad, thus eliminating the need for an external anchor pad. The ThorStack2™ telescopic stacker pivots directly on the ThorTrax™ mobile track system while in working mode. The low profile nature of these track-mounted systems is what makes this dual function possible.

The ThorTrax™ mobile track system can be fitted with an external electrical power supply hookup or an independent diesel genset engine. All standard units are wired directly to a push button control box, which is configured with two speed settings (85 fpm and 170 fpm). Optional wireless remote operation capabilities are available upon request. All units are equipped with an emergency stop push button located directly at the base of the unit.

Track-mounted technology has been implemented to meet the onsite mobility needs of our customers. Thor Global continues to seek new innovations and technologies for bulk material handling applications worldwide.

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