Product of the Week: Irock Crusher’s TS-522 TDR screen plant

Therese Dunphy

October 12, 2017


Irock Crusher Portable Plant
Irock Crusher’s TS-522 portable plant can screen and wash materials simultaneously.

Irock Crusher’s TS-522 TDR track portable screening plant has been redesigned to include a rinser. The portable unit gives quarries the ability to screen and wash materials simultaneously for end-use applications. The machine sorts and washes as many as three sized and one oversized products at once. Capable of processing 200 to 300 tons per hour, the unit features three decks with nine spray bars along the top deck and eight each on the middle and bottom decks. The spray bars deliver 25 pounds per square inch of water pressure to remove dirt and debris from material, while a rinse box at the top of the unit features two more spray bars that pre-soak material. A 14-foot-wide hopper holds up to 12 cubic yards of material.

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