It’s Hammer Time


November 1, 2013

Whether at the face or breaking a blockage, hammers and breakers keep production moving.


By Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief,



durableUntitled-1Durable and reliable

Cat E Series Hammers offer a rugged design for extended durability and solid reliability, and features such as automatic shut-off, silencing, and vibration buffering make them easy on the operator. The hammers are designed to be field serviceable with common hand tools. The H180Es is the largest in the line and is designed for large excavators. The symmetrical housing allows it to rotate 180 degrees to compensate for wear, which effectively extends its life. The lower portion incorporates rock edges that add protection to the housing and enable quick positioning of boulders.

Caterpillar |



handheld-breakersUntitled-1Handheld breakers

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment rolled out two new handheld breakers, the CP 1260 and the CP 1290. They include ergonomically designed handles to reduce operator fatigue; a streamlined, flatter profile to improve operator visibility; and new durable polyurethane front head springs that reduce wear and extend the life of the breaker and its internal components. Many components are compatible with previous generations of pneumatic breakers. The 1260 weighs 63 pounds and delivers 1,300 blows per minute. The 1290 weighs 81 pounds and is 28-inches long. It delivers 1,100 pounds per minute.

Chicago Pneumatic |



long-lifeUntitled-1Long life and increased production

Tramac has pioneered the TR Series excavator type systems. These units, with 350-degree turntable rotation, arched main boom section, and tapered dipperstick, are said to offer extended life and increased production not available with lighter duty units. The line is available with units featuring a reach up to 65 feet and can carry a 10,000-pound hammer. The manufacturer’s standard control system is fully proportional electro-hydraulic joystick activated. The main control valve includes manual override handles for troubleshooting and emergency operation.

Tramac Corp. |



productiuve-and-profitableUntitled-1Productive and profitable

Surestrike hammers are said to be the most productive and economical solution for oversize rock breaking. With models ranging from 10,000 foot-pounds to 75,000 foot-pounds, they can easily break materials including limestone, basalt, granite, traprock, iron ore, slag, and more. The high single-blow impact energy, coupled with low maintenance and low wear part costs, helps to ensure productivity and profitability for quarry owners and operators.

Surestrike International, Inc. |



high-efficiencyUntitled-1High efficiency heavy duty breaker

Atlas Copco’s HB4100 is said to provide better performance and higher efficiency than its predecessor while weighing less. With a service weight of 9,039 pounds, and designed for carriers in the 88,185- to 154,324-pound weight class, the manufacturer says it is as powerful as heavier breakers and features double-digit increases in power and efficiency. The lighter weight also allows for a smaller excavator to be used, saving both capital and operating costs.

Atlas Copco |




designed-for-low-noiseUntitled-1Designed for low noise

FRD Furukawa’s Qt line of hydraulic breakers is designed for environments that demand a reduced noise level. The breakers are encased with a one-piece enclosure to protect critical components. A higher back head pressure and larger piston diameter create a 20-percent increase in impact energy over previous models, while a patented dust intake prevention system prevents dust from entering the front head during piston upstroke to improve the life of the piston.

FRD Furukawa |



world's-largest-rock-breakerUntitled-1World’s largest rockbreaker

BTI offers the TRX64 stationary rock breaking system. Said to be the world’s largest rockbreaker, the unit weighs more than 110,000 pounds. Booms for the TRX series range from 48 to 64 feet carrying breakers in the 8,500- to 20,000 foot-pound class, depending on reach.





quiet-brakingUntitled-1Quiet braking

The MB30EX line of Stealth Breakers, from Stanley Hydraulic Tools, offers noise suppression design for operators in noise-sensitive environments. Available with units ranging from the 1,500 to 12,000 foot-pound class, the breakers boast a narrow profile for better visibility, an enclosed housing, an armored lower end, and operating weights of 1,259 to 8,799 pounds.

Stanley Hydraulic Tools |



streamlined-operationUntitled-1Streamlined operation and maintenance

Upgraded features on Allied Construction Products, LLC’s Model 7013 hydraulic impact hammer are designed to simplify operation, ease maintenance, increase reliability, and extend longevity. Available exclusively as a silenced model for quiet operation, it has a pressure control valve that is said to guarantee that all blows are at full power; features a heavy-duty, one-piece housing to protect the power cell; uses a slip-fit bushing with dust seal for ease of service and longer bushing life; and has an improved heavy-duty lower boot made of Hardox to ensure that the tool holder does not wear out when breaking abrasive material.

Allied |




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