Goulds XHD slurry pump

Kerry Clines

January 27, 2012

ITT Corp. says its new Goulds XHD extra-heavy-duty, world-class lined slurry pump is a next-generation product that will enable mines to move slurry with improved reliability and at a lower operating cost. The pump is designed to be maintained even while running and to require less downtime for servicing. Features include an adjustable suction seal ring that enables adjustment even while the pump is running; a split stuffing box that improves accessibility for easier and faster packing maintenance; a dual impeller adjustment that provides quick, easy access for impeller corrections; a replaceable wet-end cartridge that allows operators to change parts quickly with a unique, tapered impeller shaft; and an i-Alert condition monitor that measures vibration and temperature, signaling users with a blinking red LED when it detects a potential problem.

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