January 2010 – Information Library

Therese Dunphy

January 1, 2010

Information Library

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Online x-ray product testing

Customers can now see their products passing through the Eriez E-Z Tec X-Ray Inspection System live online, eliminating the need for an on-site visit. Multiple viewers can watch from different locations and ask questions live. Eriez.

Mineral identification guide

The Mineral Identification and Management Guide provides a range of investigatory tools to help geologic personnel identify potential areas where asbestos or asbestiform fibers may occur on a quarry site. The 17-page guide may be downloaded from the “Members Only” section of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association’s Web site, www.nssga.org. NSSGA.

Online Spanish-language safety training

The Safety.Cat.com Web site offers nearly 70 online Spanish-language safety training courses in several categories — Construction, Mining, and Heavy Equipment; Driver Safety; Environmental; General Safety; OSHA Essentials; and Supervisory Safety. The courses range in duration from 20 minutes to more than two hours. Caterpillar.

NIMBY publication

A new book, NIMBY Wars, The Politics of Land Use, by the Saint Consulting Group, explains the new, purely political approach that must be made a part of any development plans with hope for success. It teaches readers how to create a campaign plan, craft a message, identify and connect with citizens, ensure attendance at critical hearings and meeting, secure press coverage, anticipate attacks and neutralize opponents, and win a land use battle. Magnolia Communications.

Safety commitment brochure

A new brochure highlights the industry’s commitment to worker safety. It includes historical information about the industry’s safety commitment, fact-based narratives about some of the ways this commitment has been manifested, and a graph showcasing the eight-year-long decline in injury rates. NSSGA.

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