January 2010 – RollOuts

Therese Dunphy

January 1, 2010

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Affordable, versatile hammer

Doosan Infracore America Construction Equipment says its new DXB 170h hammer, for use with DX225 and DX255 excavators, was developed with the industry-leading engineering, design, and functionality of Montabert breakers combined with the affordable pricing and versatility of Doosan equipment. Features include an operating weight of 3,572 pounds, carrier weight range of 18 to 28 tons, tool diameter of 5.39 inches, operating pressure of 2,610 pounds per square inch, flow of 26.5/39.5 gallons per minute, and an impact class of 5,000 foot pounds.

Off-road tire offers comfort, stability

Bridgestone Americas Off Road Tire Sales Division says its new V-Steel J-Traction (VJT) radial off-road tire for loaders features a computer-optimized center block that minimizes vibration levels to create improved operator comfort and stability. Other features include extended tire life through improved wear resistance, enhanced sidewall design for improved cut resistance, and a specialized self-cleaning tread design and non-directional tread pattern. The tire is available in three sizes — 20.5R25, 23.5R25, and 26.5R25 — with 17.5R25 and 29.5R25 coming soon.

Thumb/bucket combo fits all size excavators

Rockland Manufacturing Co. says its new Entek Krypto Klaw is designed to work with all sizes of excavators from minis to large machines. The bucket performs like a grapple while retaining the advantage of an excavator bucket. Its multi-rib, open design provides operators with visibility while manipulating material. Simply pin or couple the unit to the excavator, plug in two hydraulic lines, and go to work.

Transfers loads in all terrains

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.’s new Equalizer spread-axle trailer is a nitrogen-assisted dampening system that hydraulically transfers loads in all terrains. The suspension system oscillates around a central self-tracking pivot point to provide proportionate weight distribution in each axle grouping. The user-friendly system allows operators to make quick, easy adjustments, and absorbs hauling and loading shocks. The trailer allows a 14-foot, 1-inch spread with 54-inch axle spacing and a 14-foot, 7-inch spread with 60-inch axle spacing.

Dust control

Nesco’s new Port-A-Fog system controls dust when loaders dump into railcars, trucks, or hoppers. The system features two 350-gallon tanks, cartridge filters, and a heavy-duty 1,500-pound-per-square-inch pump. Its 20-foot spray bar adjusts from 8 to 17 feet in height and produces a burst of fog droplets to suppress dust without wetting the load. The unit is mounted on a 6- by 14-foot bed with running gear that makes it easy to tow and position.

Diesel hydraulic conveyors

TCI Manufacturing’s diesel hydraulic conveyors are self-contained, road-portable, electricity-free units. Features include a Kubota engine; a 60-gallon fuel tank that can run a full shift without refueling; a spring-loaded, three-position directional valve to operate power travel and power raise features; velocity fuses to prevent sudden collapse in the event of a hydraulic failure; and flow-control valves to ensure smooth operation of hydraulics. The company will custom-design, build, and paint equipment to specifications.

New track option for portable stackers

Superior Industries is offering a new track-mounted system for its line of portable stacking conveyors. The company says the tracks increase a conveyor’s ability to travel across soft conditions. The system is designed for easy mounting and can be retrofitted to existing Superior conveyors in minutes.

Reduced downtime and maintenance

KPI-JCI says its new Kodiak Plus series of cone crushers has patented innovations that reduce downtime, maintenance, and the need to re-circulate loads. According to the company, precision-designed roller bearings generate higher efficiencies and reduce operating temperatures while allowing a high tolerance to climate and temperature fluctuations. Other features include a tramp iron relief system with pressure relief valves to eliminate maintenance costs associated with accumulators, and field-replaceable segmented brass thread inserts to resist galling and welding.

Tier 3-compliant dozer

Komatsu America Corp. says its new WD600-6 wheel dozer is equipped with a Tier 3-compliant SAA6D170E-5 six-cylinder engine, which produces 502 horsepower at 1,800 revolutions per minute. The dozer’s engine is equipped with new technologies including an electronic control system to optimize vehicle performance; a heavy-duty, high-pressure, common rail fuel-injection system; a new combustion system for reduced noise and fuel consumption; a cooled exhaust-gas recirculation system; and an air-to-air charge air-cooling system. The engine comes standard with dual-mode engine power, an Economy mode for maximum fuel efficiency, and a Power mode for maximum productivity.

Soft rock drill bits

Atlas Copco says its new Secoroc Threaded Rocket Bit (TRB) drill bit range offers a greater penetration rate than other bits — a penetration rate that is sustainable throughout the bit’s service life. The TRB design has full ballistic buttons and deep vertical grooves, resulting in a bit that produces rock chips rather than cuttings, creating more space between the rock face and the bit head. A faster penetration rate allows more holes to be drilled per day, reducing the cost per hole.

New generation safety harness

Capital Safety says its new ExoFit Nex full-body harness provides a level of comfort, function, and durability that has never been experienced before. The harness material is soft yet durable anti-absorbent webbing with strategically placed padding and protective elements that prolong its service live. Its hardware allows for a one-time adjustment that stays in place throughout the day, ensuring a snug fit.

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