Jingjin Filter


April 18, 2011

Tons Per Hour,Inc. Has secured exclusive distribution rights in North American mining and industrial minerals for Jingjin Filter Press Company. Jingjin is the largest manufacturer of both membrane and standard chamber presses.

Eliminates settling ponds

Uses no chemicals.

Recycles more water than alternative methods.

Filter presses will replace belt presses in nearly every application.

Return on investment when replacing a belt press is one year (savings realized through elimination of ongoing flocculant cost, belt replacement and maintenance). Filter presses offer higher quality of filtrate than a belt press, dramatically dryer solids (lower moisture content), reduced handling cost, and no operator is required.

Turn-key packages are available.

Capacities of up to 23 cubic yards of solids per cycle. Up to 4.5 cycles per hour.

Feed pump maintenance is much lower with Tons Per Hour’s system as it does not rely solely on the hydraulic pressure of the feed pump for dewatering.

Inventory of replacement parts kept in both California and West Virginia. If a unit is not in stock we can get it to to your site in 9-10 weeks.

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