John Deere tests 460E Artic in Chilean mountains

August 23, 2013

John Deere E-Series ADT ChileJohn Deere engineers traveled to the Atacama Desert Region of Northern Chile in May to test the performance of the 460E Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) at high altitude.

The engineers worked the truck in areas that are used for active mining sites, testing the reliability of the 460E in extreme elevations and rugged mountain conditions.

John Deere chose a high-altitude Chilean mine site in the Andes Mountains about four hours from the coast in Iquique, Chile. The company chose the site in order to test the truck in a challenging work environment.

The company performed preliminary testing at 10,000 feet in Colorado to better understand the potential challenges to the truck’s John Deere 13.5L engine in the Chilean mountains.

In Chile, the team performed numerous cold start tests with the ADT, which conquered a 16,000-foot mountain and provided the engineers with a better understanding of high altitudes’ effects on equipment. The team also left with ideas for product changes that would help the 460E ADT perform well in South America.

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