July 2009 – RollOuts

Therese Dunphy

July 1, 2009

Heavy-lifting stability

Volvo Construction Equipment North America, Inc. says its new EW230C wheeled excavator is engineered to provide stability for handling bigger loads. Its design ensures that the rear axle weight, when fitted with the standard counterweight, is below 12 tons; a heavier counterweight is available for applications not requiring the machine to be moved on the road. With the light counterweight, the machine weighs 21.6 to 24.3 tons, depending on machine configuration (23.1 to 25.6 tons with the heavier counterweight).

The excavator is powered by a Volvo D6E EHE3 diesel engine. Additional features include:

  • Access to the superstructure via steps for easy servicing and maintenance checks;
  • New and higher-capacity cooling module;
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system that features two pumps — one for the attachment and travel, and a second, closed-loop slew pump;
  • Larger hydraulic cylinders; and
  • Digging forces 10 to 15 percent greater than on the EW210C.

In addition, 95 percent of the machine is recyclable, according to the company, making it environmentally friendly.


Discharge conveyor unloads trucks quickly

Superior Industries added a new 48-foot folding discharge conveyor to its line of RazerTail truck unloaders. According to the company, the conveyor is designed to move material from belly- or end-dump trucks in minutes. Discharge heights adjust hydraulically between 8 and 12 feet, giving users the flexibility to hit higher feed points and eliminating the need for transfer conveyors between the truck unloader and larger radial stacking conveyors. An electrical panel with main breakers and starters allows push-button operation of the hoppers, control pump, and drive motors.


Joystick steering for wheel loaders

Case Construction Equipment now offers the option of joystick steering on its E Series wheel loaders. The option includes a joystick lever; a forward, neutral, reverse switch; and a transmission kick-down switch — all housed in the left armrest of the machine. According to the company, this option increases efficiency and productivity, and reduces operator fatigue. The joystick steering can be used in all gears and in all work modes.


Duo-spring tensioner for belt cleaners

The patent-pending mounting plate on the new Duo-Spring secondary tensioner developed by ASGCO Manufacturing’s Complete Conveyor Solutions division allows the cleaning blade to be spring tensioned in either a pull-up or push-up position. The two mounting configuration options leave extra clearance above or below the bracket where necessary; yet provide equal tensioning force in either configuration. An integrated dust shield keeps dust and fugitive material within the conveyor chute. The tensioner is available on both the Razor-Back and New Wave III cleaning systems.


Prevents material accumulation at conveyor base

Martin Engineering says its new Martin Dust Caps are installed on the “legs” of conveyors to prevent material accumulation and corrosion at the base of conveyor structures. Made from molded polyurethane, the pyramid shape of the dust caps causes material to fall away from the conveyor foot, making it easier to clean it up. The dust caps are orange in color and are available in 3- and 4-inch sizes.


Rock ripping tooth for excavators, backhoes

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. says its new 23 Series Multi-Ripper Tooth for excavators and backhoes allows operators to easily rip rock, coral shale, caliche, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, asphalt, or frozen ground with maximum breakout force. The two points on the twin tiger teeth use the patented “SHARC” technology (SHanks on an ARC) that places the points at staggered positions along an arc that has a center near the bucket/stick pivot point, focusing the entire breakout force on one point at a time.


Conveyor equipment inspection door

ASGCO Manufacturing says its new Chute Inspection and Access Doors allow for safe visual inspection of conveyor equipment while the conveyor is running. By looking through the removable inspection screen guard, standard on every door, the condition of the equipment inside the chute can be checked without exposing employees to moving parts and risk of injury. The surfaces slope away from the door panel on the interior to prevent material buildup. The doors are available in three standard sizes — 12 inches by 12 inches, 12 inches by 18 inches, and 18 inches by 24 inches.


U.S. standard test sieves

Endecotts Inc. debuted its new line of U.S. standard test sieves designed specifically for the asphalt and aggregate industries at AGG 1 this year. The stainless-steel sieves are available in 8-inch-diameter full and half height, and 12-inch-diameter full, half, and intermediate height. The fillet, a unique design feature, aids the flow of sample material over the mesh and allows all the particles to be analyzed, improving the analysis and final results, according to the company.


Wheel loader tire increases productivity

Michelin says its new XHA2 loader tire is designed to accomplish three goals — reduce hourly operating costs, ensure that work continues smoothly and safely, and improve operator working conditions. According to the company, additional rubber was incorporated in the tread to make the tire more damage resistant; the sidewalls were strengthened with a special protective rib and anti-scrape shield; and newly developed crack absorbing rubber compounds help to prevent flats. The tire is said to last 9 percent longer than its predecessor.


ROC Care service package

Atlas Copco’s new ROC Care service package allows drill owners to pass the responsibility of maintenance to the manufacturer and its authorized distributors. The package guarantees regular inspections and service for construction and quarry businesses that don’t have the resources to execute a systematic maintenance program. Four key ingredients are included in the package:

  • Scheduled service — service trucks arrive on site on time for each 250-hour inspection;
  • Inspection reports — detailed rig inspection reports highlight additional measures that could help prevent problems;
  • Limited extended warranty — provides protection for up to 5,000 engine hours or four years against key component breakdowns; and
  • Procom — a global, satellite-based system with Internet access monitors rig status.


3-in-1 compressor, generator, welder

The multi-function Trailblazer 302 Air Pak from Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. is a self-contained power source that welds at 350 amps, provides 13,000 watts of Accu-Rated generator power and 26 CFM at 100-percent duty cycle, and delivers 70 to 160 pounds per square inch of air with no storage tank required. The unit weighs 771 pounds and measures 59-1/2 inches long, 20-inches wide, and 34-1/4 inches high. It occupies up to 50 percent less truck space.

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