June 2009 – RollOuts


June 1, 2009

Purpose-built Kawasaki takes on an additional loader size class

With the 92ZV-2, Kawasaki has not only entered the 6-to-6.6-cubic-yard wheel loader market, it has done so with company design dictum: no stretched-out machines. “This is a purpose-built machine, with a rugged frame that incorporates several upgrades that will be added to the rest of our loader line,” says Gary Bell, Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp. of America vice president and general manager.

Several standard features are centered in the cab area, including an air ride seat, AM/FM radio and CD, air conditioning and heat, adjustable declutch, adjustable dual-boom kickout control, idle management system, and dual-mode engine switch. Other standard features include reversible automatic fan with manual overdrive, wide front fenders with mud flaps, and the Kawasaki-exclusive auto brake, which protects the transmission from overspeeding or improper directional shifting.

Bell points out several features designed to underline the 92ZV-2’s beefiness, including the following:

  • Dual Z-linkage, which not only offers high breakout force, but also gives operators more visibility in hopper and truck loading tasks;
  • Heavy center pins;
  • Weight designed into the full box section frame instead of using large back counterweights;
  • Rubber gasket-sealed front glass, which reduces glass replacement downtime in comparison with silicone-sealed glass; and
  • Bumpers extended to protect battery boxes.

Kawasaki is aiming at several markets with the 92ZV-2, including load-out applications in quarries or sand and gravel operations, hopper feeding in asphalt plants, log handling in mill yards, and hot slag applications in steel mills. For further information, go to www.Kawasakiloaders.com/92ZV.

– by Marcia Gruver, Editorial Director

Quick Specs

Engine: 284-net-horsepower Cummins QSM11 with 47-percent torque rise. Idle Management
System allows lower engine speed when idling for extended periods to conserve fuel.

Transmission: Kawasaki countershaft full powershift, four forward, four reverse

Bucket capacity: 6-to-6.6 cubic yards

Breakout force (general purpose bucket with bolt-on cutting edge): 50,900 pounds

Minimum turning radius (at outside bucket): 23 feet, 6 inches

Operating weight: 58,025 pounds

Pipe conveyor belt retains shape

Veyance Technologies says its new Goodyear Confine pipe-shaped conveyor belt uses finite element analysis technology to keep material and dust in, and wind and rain out. It is designed to stay sealed while traveling through curves and inclines built into in-plant and overland systems. According to the company, where conventional pipe conveyor belts collapse and twist, Confine’s patent-pending arrangement of steel-cable and fabric reinforcement helps the belt retain its shape.

Smaller screener with big-screen attitude

McCloskey International’s versatile R105 High Energy Screener is designed to handle throughput for a large range of rock, quarry, construction & demolition, and soil products. One-third smaller in size than the company’s popular R155, the screener tips the scales at almost 50,700 pounds. The transportable unit features a stockpile height of 11 feet, 9 inches and a screening area of 12 feet by 4 feet, 6 inches.

Longer service intervals, greater operator comfort

Bobcat says its new E80 excavator has a completely new design that sets a high standard by increasing the time between service intervals and improving operator comfort. Daily greasing of the bushings at the boom, arm, and bucket pivot is a thing of the past, says the company, saving the operator 30 minutes per day. The spacious cab includes an operator’s seat that adjusts six ways to create an individually designed ergonomic work environment, and an automotive-style heating/air-conditioning system. A fixed instrument panel on the right side of the cab has an easy-to-read display that provides machine performance information for the operator.

Choose diesel or electric power

Powerscreen’s dual power screen gives users a choice between diesel and electric power. Having this choice provides an option to avoid high fuel costs and addresses environmental concerns about diesel emissions. Once positioned on site and connected to an external electricity source, the unit can be switched to operate on electricity. The track screen retains all the benefits of a mobile machine.

Free-flowing materials feeder

Thayer Scale’s new LWY-SC-RF Loss-in-Weight (LIW) rotary feeder is designed to handle extremely free-flowing and fluidizable materials. The company says the feeder’s design incorporates a rotary feeder that comes in a variety of sizes and configurations, making it ideally suited for applications discharging into pneumatic conveying systems. The feeder system can be configured for either continuous LIW feeding or batching. Weighing is done through Thayer’s patented low-deflection, non-wearing force measurement suspension system flexure scale which measures vertical loading and can take high-load directed overloads.

Bucket tips for mining machines

Caterpillar says its LM Series Ground-Engaging Tools feature a safe, fast, new “hammerless” CapSure tip-retention design. The design allows tip installation and removal by using only a 3/4-inch ratchet. The CapSure retention system makes the pin and retainer integral with the tip. The service technician need only turn the side-mounted locking system 180 degrees, exerting minimal force, to activate the system. Two lifting eyes on top of the tip assembly allow the technician to easily attach a small sling for use with a service crane. The company says, once installed, the new tips, which are constructed of DH3 alloy, are designed to outlast tips constructed of other materials.

Low-cost automation system

Etheridge Automation’s new low-cost Production Plus Automation system was developed to help aggregate plants with limited capital realize the production increases possible with automation. The system is a PLC-based control system that uses the essential production features of the company’s Quarry Information Management System for the operator interface. The system can include five to 20 pieces of operating equipment and up to four crushing circuits. The company guarantees a 10-percent production increase.

Mine monitoring and control system

Caterpillar’s MineStar FleetCommander 3.0 is a comprehensive surface mine monitoring and control system that uses technology to improve productivity and lower costs. Real-time interaction with mobile field equipment allows mine managers to improve machine use, manage operators, track material movement, and monitor production in near real-time. New software supports decision-making by evaluating “what if” impacts of making changes to the production plan during the current shift, helping controllers make decisions that optimize mine productivity.

Electronic blast initiation system

Dyno Nobel says its new DigiShot electronic initiation system provides more vibration control, increased crusher throughput, greater highwall stability, and improved operational efficiencies. The system requires minimal end-user training time with its easy-to-use, menu-driven software. Blast patterns and timing can be programmed either directly into the DigiShot or downloaded from a PC-based design program in advance of or on the day of the shot. Easy auto-programming saves time and reduces errors; the manual programmable mode accommodates virtually any delay scheme.

Skirting extends wear life of belts

Martin Engineering says its improved Apron Seal skirtboard sealing system provides double the wear life for conveyor belts. The skirting provides two wear surfaces on a single elastomer sealing strip installed along the bottom of the skirtboard in a belt conveyor loading zone. When the bottom side of the strip against the belt is worn, the sealing strip is inverted, providing a second service life. Skirtboard sealing systems are installed on the sides of belt conveyor loading zones to contain material, eliminate spillage, and reduce cleanup expenses. The skirting is available in lengths up to 300 feet.

Silent pump with autostart

Gorman-Rupp Co.’s priming assisted silent pump offers pumping capacities to 920 gallons per minute and heads to 134 feet, and handles 3-inch-diameter spherical solids. The company says its patented priming system uses a venture and compressor, eliminating the leaks associated with traditional vacuum-assisted pumps. An oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal allows the pump to run dry continuously without damage.

Large, weather-proof storage

TekSupply says its ClearSpan Hercules truss arch buildings are now available up to 250-feet wide and can be built to any length, making them ideal for storing equipment and supplies in aggregates plants. The frames are Allied Gatorshield structural steel frames; the covers are made from high-quality rip-stop polyethylene. The polyethylene covers let the sunlight through, eliminating the need for daytime artificial lighting. The structures provide height and clearance, making it easy to maneuver equipment, and the lack of interior support columns allows more usable storage space.

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