Keep Machinery Well-Oiled and Lubed

Therese Dunphy

October 1, 2009

Oils and lubricants are important to keep equipment properly maintained and running smoothly…and to keep operating costs down.

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Engine oil provides advanced performance

Valvoline says its Premium Blue Engine Oil is designed to provide advanced lubricant performance in modern emissions-treatment-equipped diesel engines, including all types of exhaust gas recirculation and diesel particulate filters. Features include: dispersive polymer technology for soot control and cold-start protection; valvetrain wear protection and reduced oil filter restriction at high soot levels; high-temperature deposit control; and more.

D-A Lubricant Co.

Gear lubricant offers anti-wear protection

D-A Lubricant Co., Inc.’s GTD gear lubricant is designed for gear trains and severe service equipment, such as rock crushers, that require an extreme pressure lubricant. The company says it provides excellent anti-wear protection under heavy loads while also guarding against rust and corrosion, even when the system is idle. The lubricant is available in seven ISO grades.


Heavy-duty engine oil reduces exhaust emissions

Chevron says its Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 oil meets the requirement of new heavy-duty engines, protects older engines, and reduces the levels of exhaust emissions in diesel engines. The company says the oil is formulated with ISOSYN Technology, which rivals synthetic lubricants in critical performance tests, and ultra-low sulfur diesel, and was specifically designed to meet the demands of exhaust-gas recirculation engines, while at the same time providing exceptional performance in conventional engines and other engine technologies like Caterpillar ACERT.

Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants

Extreme pressure grease exceeds Cat specs

Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants says its extreme pressure grease, 274M E.P. Synthetic Plus, exceeds MPGM and Caterpillar’s 5-percent molybdenum disulfide specs. The product is a multi-purpose, extreme pressure, wide-temperature-range (-20 to 350 degrees F) grease compounded from a blend of hydro-treated polyalphaolefin synthetic base fluids and high-viscosity index paraffin base oils, which are blended with an aluminum complex base thickener and extreme-pressure and rust oxidation additives. It is available in 420-pound drums, 120-pound kegs, 40-pound pails, and cases of 30 tubes.


Hydraulic oil extends equipment life

ExxonMobil says its new Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series hydraulic oils are designed to help customers achieve energy efficiency and  productivity, and will also extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs. In laboratory and in-service field demonstrations, the company says the oil demonstrated exceptional life, outlasting competitive fluids by up to three times, while maintaining hydraulic system cleanliness and component protection; and demonstrated the value of its high viscosity index and shear stability by operating in temperatures as low as -30 degrees F.


Premium-tier diesel engine oil

ConocoPhillips Co. says its new Guardol ECT premium-tier API CJ-4 diesel engine oil, formulated using liquid-titanium technology, provides enhanced engine wear protection, reduced bearing corrosion, and has increased oxidation stability.  The company says the oil is an enhancement to its API CJ-4 synthetic blend diesel engine oil made from low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorous, and sulfur) technology, and is approved under the latest heavy duty engine oil specifications from major engine builders.

Citgo Petroleum Corp.

Synthetic engine oil for high/low temperatures

Citgo says its Citgard SynDurance Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W-40 uses premium synthetic base stocks to improve high and low temperature properties, fuel economy, cold temperature performance, and engine drain intervals. When combined with LubeAlert, the company says it will also reduce dependency on engine block heaters, promote longer engine life, and improve equipment productivity and service availability.

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