May 25, 2011

MILO (Machine-Interface-Logistics-Operation) is a powerful PLC control system that continuously monitors operation and makes adjustments when possible, issues warnings and will shut the crusher if necessary. A 120V output is provided for controlling the feed conveyor. MILO can be operated either as a stand-alone control or integrated into a plant-wide control system, and our control panel may be used indoors or out in the elements.  On crushers equipped with an optional hydraulic cone brake, the bowl position counter can be reset automatically. This “AutoZero” logic detects the currently chosen CSS and then automatically rotates the bowl down until it contacts the cone. Once MILO detects an increase in pressure within the hydraulic cone brake, it will stop rotating, set the counter to zero and rotate back up to the previous CSS.  For more information, contact KPI-JCI at 1-800-314-4656 or

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