Lafarge’s Medford Quarry achieves 36 years with no LTIs

July 8, 2013

Lafarge CanadaLafarge North America’s Medford Quarry in New Windsor, Maryland, last month achieved 36 years with no lost-time incidents (LTI).

The milestone occurred on June 17, during the company’s 6th Annual Health & Safety Month. The achievement marks about 2.6 million man-hours worked without a single LTI.

An LTI is an incident that injures or sickens an employee to the point that they cannot make it in on their next scheduled work day.

Plant Manager Randy Heckler and Foreman Tom Lombardi attributed the achievement to a combination of safety training and safety-smart employees.

“There are a lot of procedures to review, and Lafarge has a lot of training,” Lombardi said. “But I give most of the credit to the individual employees–they really look out for one another.”

Medford Quarry has a crew of 18 employees, many of which have worked at the plant for 30 years or more.

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