October 30, 2007

(Marysville, Kansas) Landoll Corporation, an equipment transport trailer manufacturer has selected Kar-Tech Inc of Delafield, WI as their vendor to supply the wireless remote controls for 2008 model year Traveling Axle, Traveling Tail and Container trailers. 


Kar-Tech will supply their Mini” series wireless remote controls.  Installed at the Landoll Corporation factory, the wireless remote controls three hydraulic valve spools or six complete functions.  In most cases the wireless remote controls hydraulic movement of the traveling undercarriage, the winch and the trailer tilting deck.   Landoll operators can enjoy the flexibility to have full hydraulic operation of their trailer at a safe working distance as well as increasing the driver efficiency to perform multiple tasks at the same time.


The Mini series adds reliability. High quality sealed membrane switches are used on the handheld transmitter that fits in the palm of your hand.  The trailer mounted receiver unit also is compact and is totally sealed and protected from the elements of winter weather.  Kar-Tech has built in safety measures when there are other products in the area using the same frequencies. This is due to its 900MHz FHSS technology. Another feature is that the Mini will conduct self-diagnostics including notifying the operator of any shorted or open wires. Reverse polarity, short-circuit and overload protections are all standard features.

Landoll Corporation located in Marysville Kansas also manufactures a line of Detachables, Bottom Dumps, Multi-Car Trailers and Tag Trailers.  For more information you may contact the factory at 800-428-5655 or visit the website,


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