Larson Electronics Adds Solar Powered LED Beacon and Remote LED Area Light


January 25, 2011 announces the release of the SPLEDB-3 solar powered LED beacon and SPLED-5 solar powered LED area light with added options which improve these LED lights range of effective applications. Power for both of these standalone solar powered LED lights is provided by an integral lithium poly battery that is charged by a 12 watt solar panel. These lights can be mounted to flat surfaces or pole top. The SPLED-5 5 watt LED area light is controlled by an integrated motion sensor which brightens or dims the light according to nearby movement and a day/night sensor which automatically switches the unit on when light levels drop below a certain point, typically at sundown. The SPLEDB-3 LED beacon light has an automatic flashing strobe which is visible for up to a mile and can be manually switched on and off via an integrated rocker switch.

The–9-hour-run-time–35-x-35-illuminated-area–dim-and-high-modes.aspx [SPLED-5 solar powered area light __title__ SPLED-5 solar powered area light] and the SPLEDB-3 solar powered LED beacon are ideal lighting solutions for areas where external power sources are either impractical or unavailable.  A 14.8 volt LiPoly battery is mounted within the 16 inch by 13 inch solar panel which recharges the battery in these units in approximately 5 hours. The SPLED-5 solar powered area light operates in two modes, low or high, and produces 120 lumens of light in low mode and 500 lumens in high mode and can operate for approximately 9 hours in low mode on a full charge. The light is switched between high and low mode by a motion sensor which switches the light to high mode when movement is detected. Another sensor switches the light on when ambient light levels drop below a specific level, typically at sunset.

 The–3-watt-led-beacon–continuous-use.aspx [SPLEDB-3 solar powered beacon light __title__ SPLEDB-3 solar powered beacon light] uses a 3.6 watt strobing LED to produce a flashing light that is visible up to a mile away. This beacon can operate for 24 hours on a full charge which is replenished daily by the solar panel. This means the beacon can operate continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. has added optional extension cords which increase the versatility of these [LED lights __title__ LED lights]. The SPLED-5 area light comes with a 2 foot cord between the light and panel which is attached with deutche connectors. Optional extension cords can be ordered for additional cost which will increase the useable distance between the panel and light. This means the solar panel can be mounted where it will receive direct sunlight while the LED area lamp can be mounted inside of work areas or obscured recesses and walkways, for example. The SPLEDB-3 solar powered beacon light comes with a 20 foot SOOW cord and the beacon can be ordered with either a 100 lbs grip magnetic mount or a permanent mount. Optional beacon colors include amber, blue, green, white and infrared.

Rob Bresnahan of Larson Electronics said, “We are looking to put distance between the solar power source and the LED light.  The design of this solar powered LED light enables us to offer a variety of cord lengths between the solar panel and the light.  We are also able to combine different LED light options with this panel, so operators can balance their need for illumination with battery capacity.   Also, we are combining high battery capacity with our high efficiency LED lights.  We are trying to create opportunities for operators where they can access the Sun with the solar panel, but also light the interior of containers and buildings.  This solution is for commercial applications, like construction sites, remote testing locations and other off-grid windowless structures where operators need interior lighting during the day and at night.  There are also interesting applications for the boating market.”

Magnalight by Larson Electronics offers an extensive selection of LED lighting solutions including LED light bars, explosion proof LED lights, LED spotlights and LED floodlights. Visit to learn more or call 1-800-369-6671 to speak directly with a representative. For international inquiries please call 1-903-498-3363.

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